University & Community Federal Credit Union provides free of charge Medallion Signature Guarantees for our members. This guarantee is a seal applied to securities, in the process of transfer, by member institutions of the Medallion program. This Medallion seal certifies that the signature is genuine and has legally binding authority. Furthermore, the guarantor of the seal assumes any financial responsibility associated with the endorsement.

A Medallion imprint or stamp indicates that the credit union is a member of a Medallion Signature Guarantee program and is an acceptable signature guarantor. By participating in the program, the credit union can guarantee customer signatures with the assurance that their guarantees will be immediately accepted for processing by transfer agents.

Transfer agents can refuse to accept a signature guarantee from an institution that does not participate in the Medallion program or that is not recognized by the transfer agent. While guarantor firms can charge a fee for their services, University & Community Federal Credit Union does not and offers them as part of our member services program.

If you are in need of a signature guarantee, please contact us.