Free Checking

  • Unlimited Deposits
  • Debit/ATM Card
  • $0.01 required to open / $0.01 to maintain
  • Free online and mobile access
  • * No built-in fees. Usage fees still apply

Dividend Checking

  • Unlimited Deposits
  • Debit/ATM Card
  • $500.00 required to open / $0.01 to maintain
  • Free online and mobile access
  • Dividends paid monthly
  • * Monthly service charge only applies if balance falls below $500.00

Money Market

The Money Market account at University & Community Federal Credit Union helps you get more for your money in Stillwater, OK.

  • Dividends are accrued daily and paid monthly on balances of $1000 or more
  • Low minimum balance of $1000
  • No monthly service charge applied if daily balance of $1000 is maintained in the account
  • Tiered levels pay higher dividends on higher balances
  • Withdrawals on this account (preauthorized, automatic, telephone or check) are limited to no more than six (6) per month.

Click here for our current savings rates

Overdraft Protection

  • Allows a check to clear when funds aren’t available in the checking account by transferring available funds from your savings account.
  • May be used up to a max of six (6) times a month.
  • Service excludes Point of Sale (POS) transactions.

Refer to the current rate and fee schedule for fees associated with these services. Please contact a Member Service Representative for more information.

No Bounce Coverage

  • Allows you to have your transactions to be paid without having sufficient funds in your checking account. It covers checks and electronic transfers.
  • Amounts of protection vary and, depending on usage, this service can be revoked at any time.
  • The Credit Union expects members to pay the negative balance in their checking account immediately. If the account is not brought into positive balance within 45 days it will be closed.
  • The Credit Union will not pay overdrafts that exceed your limit.
  • The Credit Union reserves the right to revoke this service at any time.
  •  Contact us or complete the form to enroll your debit card.

Switching Over

Are you tired of being just another number at your current financial institution? At University & Community Federal Credit Union, membership makes the difference, we’re locally operated and member owned.

Here’s everything you need to make moving or opening your checking account easier.

Moving Your Checking Account To Your Credit Union

  1. Establish membership with University & Community FCU. Stop by one of our three locations or call (405) 743-3328 to discuss opening an account. If you are currently a member, you can establish a checking account by coming into one of our three locations. Also, consider ordering an ATM/Debit Card.
  2. Stop writing checks on your old account. Immediate bills may be paid by corporate check, or with temporary checks issued by your Credit Union. It will take about two weeks from the date you open your Credit Union checking account to receive your new personalized checks.
  3. Make a list of any outstanding checks, fees or electronic payments on your old account. Transfer the balance in your old checking account — less any outstanding checks, fees or electronic payments due in the next 30 days — to your Credit Union account.
  4. Close your old account. Check your statement to verify that all checks have been cleared and all debits posted, then send notice to the former institution that you wish to close your account.

Direct Deposit

  • Direct Deposit is a safe method of automatically depositing your pay into your account. You never have to worry about a lost or stolen pay check.
  • Faster access to your funds! Waiting in line to cash or deposit your paycheck is eliminated because your funds will already be in your Credit Union account on payday.
  • Your privacy is ensured – no one sees what you earn but your employer.

To establish or move Direct Deposit to your Credit Union account, follow these easy steps:

  1. Please provide your employer with your account number and the Credit Union’s routing number (303185813). This information is easily found via our Direct Deposit form (requires account login) to provide accurate information.
  2. Talk to your employer. Ask when your first pay check will be deposited to your Credit Union account. Knowing when your first Direct Deposit will be made will help in closing any old accounts.