Mandatory Login Change Effective March 1, 2016

Account Login ID Change Instructions

Use these instructions to change your account login ID before March 1st, 2016. You are not required to make this change before March 1st, 2016 as you will be instructed to perform this as a part of the login process beginning 03/01/2016.

For these changes you are able to be proactive and make the necessary adjustments to your account at your convenience! Please login to your online banking account via web browser at cuintouch.com and click on “Member Options” in the left menu. From here you may change your Login ID, challenge questions, and change or confirm email addresses. Performing these operations before the date above will help ensure a smooth transition for your account. Starting March 1st, if you have not already made this change you will be prompted to do so immediately once you login using your existing credentials.

  •  Login to online banking
  • Click Member Options in the left menu (Number 1 in picture below)
  • Click Login Id in the middle menu as shown below (Number 2 in picture below)
  • Change Login ID and save.

Effective March 1, 2016 University & Community FCU will be enhancing the security requirements of the online banking platform.

This change will result in the requirement of utilizing a “Login ID” instead of an account number. From the above date forward, accounts may not use their account number as the login for online banking.

It is important to note that this change will affect mobile banking. The mobile banking application will not be able to walk you through the new Login ID process. You will need to visit our website at cuintouch.com to access your account through our online banking platform to facilitate this change. You will receive an error on your mobile application when trying to access your account until you have made the change. Please also note that you will need to update the credentials in your mobile application if you have saved them.

Mobile Banking Error

Once the change is made, a prompt will appear when you first login to your account asking for a new “Login ID”. This identifier should be unique. There are minimum requirements for this field as follows:

  • The Login ID must be at least 8 characters in length and no longer than 20 characters.
  • The Login ID must contain at least 1 alpha character (letter A-Z).
  • The Login ID IS case sensitive.
  • The Login ID SHOULD NOT contain the account number.

If “Tom Member” is prompted to change his Login ID, he might choose from one of the following acceptable examples:

  • “tommember”
  • “TomMember1982” (Case Sensitive)
  • “tmember1982”



Other security enhancements that will take place in 2016:

  • Password minimum length is enforced at 8 characters. If your password does not meet this criteria you will need to select a more secure password.
  • Passwords expire on an annual basis, you will be prompted to change your password when it has expired.
  • Password selection may not include the previous passwords used. Once a password is used it may not be re-used upon expiration.
  • Email address confirmations on an annual basis*. A prompt will be given when logging into your online banking account to look over and verify and confirm any email addresses associated with your account.
  • Challenge Question confirmation. Enhanced security requirements are placed on Challenge questions such as answer length (must be at least 6 characters**) and duplicate answers across questions will become disallowed.

* Confirming your email address assists in making sure account-specific functions are sent to you to protect your account.
** If your answer to a challenge question would not be at least 6 characters, a different challenge question should be more appropriately selected. At least 4 challenge questions must be answered for online banking.

Having trouble logging into E-Teller?

  • If you cannot get your password to work, it can be reset by contacting a Member Service Representative by phone only at 405.743.3328 during business hours as listed on the contact page.

Procedures for Changing Account Information in E-Teller Online Account Access

  • Direct browser to www.cuintouch.com.
  • Login to account.
  • Once logged in successfully, on the left-hand side of the screen, click on “Member Options.”
  • To change account password, click on “Account Access Password.”
  • At the next screen you will be able to change your password.
  • To change your Login ID, click on the “Login ID.”
  • To change Challenge Questions, click on “Challenge Questions.”
  • If you have any problems with logging in or have forgotten your Login ID or Password, please contact a Member Services Representative.