Login ID

  • The Login ID must be at least 8 characters in length and no longer than 20 characters.
  • The Login ID must contain at least 1 alpha character (letter A-Z).
  • The Login ID IS case sensitive.
  • The Login ID SHOULD NOT contain the account number.

If “Tom Member” is prompted to change his Login ID, he might choose from one of the following acceptable examples:

  • “tommember”
  • “TomMember1982” (Case Sensitive)
  • “tmember1982”

Account Security

  • Password minimum length is enforced at 8 characters. If your password does not meet this criteria you will need to select a more secure password.
  • Passwords expire on an annual basis, you will be prompted to change your password when it has expired.
  • Password selection may not include the previous passwords used. Once a password is used it may not be re-used upon expiration.
  • Email address confirmations on an annual basis*. A prompt will be given when logging into your online banking account to look over and verify and confirm any email addresses associated with your account.
  • Challenge Question confirmation. Enhanced security requirements are placed on Challenge questions such as answer length (must be at least 6 characters**) and duplicate answers across questions are disallowed.

* Confirming your email address assists in making sure account-specific functions are sent to you to protect your account.
** If your answer to a challenge question would not be at least 6 characters, a different challenge question should be more appropriately selected. At least 4 challenge questions must be answered for online banking.

Having trouble logging into E-Teller?

  • If you cannot get your password to work, it can be reset by contacting a Member Service Representative by phone only at 405.743.3328 during business hours as listed on the contact page.

Procedures for Changing Account Information in E-Teller Online Account Access

  • Login to account.
  • Once logged in successfully, on the left-hand side of the screen, click on “Member Options.”
  • To change account password, click on “Account Access Password.”
  • At the next screen you will be able to change your password.
  • To change your Login ID, click on the “Login ID.”
  • To change Challenge Questions, click on “Challenge Questions.”
  • If you have any problems with logging in or have forgotten your Login ID or Password, please contact a Member Services Representative.